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Our Father Is 91+
  By admin on Friday, Mar 22 2013
In old age, family bondage matters; it is the only asset worthwhile, in our lives. We may have to move to 'old age homes' away from our grown up children, who are busy in their lives or just live a passive life as an appendix in their lives. In oriental societies, life is still charming for old parents and hopefully it continues so. Western, practical approach is invading all of us and so far it has not affected life style of old parents in Eastern cultures. Invariably,old age parents have 'nothing to look forward with hope,and nothing to look back with pride'; however they do have contentment and harmony in their minds, and satisfaction of having lived their life for betterment of their children to the best of their ability. God rewards them, by warmth and happiness in old age, by caring for them through grateful children.

The Pain That Is Rejection
  By admin on Friday, Mar 22 2013
There are a lot of things that hurt in this world, but perhaps one of the most damaging of them is to be rejected, and by rejected I mean having your university application denied or not being accepted into the chess club, damn those assholes if had just moved the Queen one space more...

Why Creating Attraction With a Woman Should Be a Simple Process
  By admin on Thursday, Mar 21 2013
I've never really understood why some guys want to make the whole process of attracting a woman and keeping her attracted to them seem like such a complicated process. I am of the belief, and experience seems to back this up, that making it as simple as possible is actually much better. The moment that you try to complicate things, well, that is the moment that they start to get complicated.

Should You Date Your Best Friend - A Man's Perspective
  By admin on Thursday, Mar 21 2013
Dating your best friend can come with several challenges. Any woman who is considering whether or not to date her best friend should think about the physical aspect, conversation aspect, and the prospect of losing her friend forever if the relationship does not work out.

Why Some Women Tend to Flake Out on Guys
  By admin on Thursday, Mar 21 2013
Have you ever had to deal with a woman who turned out to be a little bit flaky? Ever decided to still pursue her even though she was throwing up enough red flags to give you a chance to bail out before you go in too deep? It happens to a LOT of guys, and unfortunately, for most men - that is just the experience that they are always going to have with women.

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